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Creative Employee Retention Tools That Will Benefit Your Business

25 Jan 2023

Creative Employee Retention Tools That Will Benefit Your Business

In a bid to attract and keep top talent in their companies, many employers are looking for creative ways to offer perks that exceed traditional salary and benefit packages. Some are focused on helping staffers develop personally and professionally; others are giving employees greater flexibility in scheduling and access to health-related services as a way to provide a healthier workplace balance. Today, Global Technology Jobs presents some ideas that can help benefit your employees and keep your workplace a positive environment.

On-Site Wellness

A number of companies are recognizing the benefits of having wellness counselors on site. This can include everything from yoga instructors to nutritionists to mental health counselors. Giving employees access to these resources can help them reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve performance, which can lead to greater degrees of productivity. Other companies encourage health outside the workplace by way of paid gym and health club memberships, and paid time off to visit healthcare providers. Still others form sporting leagues or participate in ropes challenges and other team-building events as a way to encourage bonding.

Mentoring and Coaching

According to Robert Half, formal mentoring and coaching programs provide an opportunity for employees to develop their professional skills and potentially advance in their jobs. This can be a great perk, particularly in organizations that promote from within, or where cross-training is offered. Both approaches give employees a wealth of opportunities to not only move ahead in their chosen field, but to learn more about different aspects of the industry, and the company, as well. Cross-training and job shadowing are other ways employers are striving to provide new and challenging opportunities for staffers to grow professionally.

Tuition Reimbursement And Professional Development

More and more companies are offering tuition reimbursement when employees decide to continue their education in a field related to their current role. By contributing to staff members’ higher education, such as encouraging them to pursue a nursing degree, employers are demonstrating their investment in the individual, as well as their commitment to providing employees with the resources they need to advance within the company. Online programs are particularly beneficial and flexible, as they can typically be done on an employee’s own time, at their own pace, and from the location of their choosing. While some businesses pay tuition up front, others reimburse participants after they’ve successfully completed a class or program.

On-Site Childcare

A growing trend among business owners is the provision of on-site childcare for employees. Employers may contract with an agency or hire trained staff to provide care in an environment that lets parents visit with their kids during breaks and meal times. This can help eliminate the stress of leaving work at a certain time to pick up kids, or having to take a personal day when a sitter is unavailable. It also lets staffers have more quality time with their children, which, according to Zenefits, can be an exceptional recruiting and retention tool.

Work-Life Balance

We often spend so much time trying to cultivate wellness and balance in our homes that we forget we should be cultivating these in the workplace, as well. Employers are coming to recognize the fact that when employees feel they have a healthy work-life balance, they’re more productive, more loyal, and less likely to get burned out on the job. Flex-time allows people opportunities to volunteer, participate in their children’s activities, or simply have more personal time. Practices that create a good work-life balance include job sharing, telecommuting, or compressed work weeks. For these approaches to work effectively, there must be good communication between employer and employee around expectations, work schedules, and productivity levels.

We all spend a significant amount of our time in the workplace, and the more employers can do to make it an enjoyable, rewarding, and professionally fulfilling experience, the more likely they are to enjoy lower attrition and greater degrees of productivity.

Progressive businesses are starting to recognize the value of investing in their employees by considering “whole person” needs. Make sure to use some in your own business to help keep your employees happy, comfortable, and productive.

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